This is in continution of the learnings from my own investement journey and hopefully it will be valuable.

When i started investing i used to have lot more diverse portfolio compare to now which i have. Here are couple of challenges with that approach

There is lot of analysis done on Tesla recently concluded battery day. I am trying to present some analogy from biggest software companies which have been successful and how Tesla is bringing similar things in Manufacturing.

I will take examples from Amazon (where i have worked) and Google (which i…

My journey of investing started in June 2016 with 3K of investment.

Over 4 years of time slowly learning the market and making profits i have reached an investment portfolio of 300K+. I have never taken help of any professional portfolio manager or financial expert for managing it.

Just to…

I am a software engineer by profession and want to share how I started investing in stocks.

As a software engineer your bulk of compensation comes from RSUs. Essentially every company gives stocks in some form or other. That’s how companies make sure that employees are vested into its growth.

Karm veer singh

Software engineer

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